Pioneer Ministry

What are the Qualities?

Maybe God is inviting you to join him in a mission adventure in your locality or community. There are though four key things to remember that might help you.

Most Pioneers...

1. Feel inadequate.

This may not be where you thought this list would start. But many find themselves asking questions about how to connect people with God but to be honest hoped they were not the answer. They often feel their own faith is weak or weary or they don’t know enough. But that sense of inadequacy is often a characteristic seen in those God calls in the Bible. Think of David, Moses or Peter. Great heroes of the faith. They felt they had very little to offer and told God this. But this doesn’t seem to be a barrier to God. He loves to use such people. He wants to use us as we are with all our weaknesses and strengths.

2. Follow the Spirit

They might not use these exact words or even understand all that is happening but in different ways as they meet with people outside the church they sense God is somehow at work. God is prompting them to ask questions about the people God had placed in their lives. They began to be open to the though that God might be in this. God wants to connect with these people and is enlisting our help to do this. They, through the Spirits work, are willing to take up the challenge to find out how.

3. Fall into God’s mission

They discover a key fact about God. He is not locked up in any one building. He is on the move always. It dawns on them that God loves people outside the church. None of them uses the word ‘missionary’ to describe themselves. But they are all Gods missionaries, not in some foreign country but in their own neighbourhood. Often unintentionally they have found themselves caught up in Gods activity which is happening all around them.

The church is breaking out in many new places not asking people to ‘come’ to church but taking church to them. Variety is the key. It is breaking out in new places and new ways and maybe God wants you to be part of this. The breakout for you may mean a short distance but it could be a radical step. It may be God is calling you to step across your street, to step into your community centre to start something in your own lounge or begin something different in your church buildings.

4. Found some principles to help them

So what can I do? This is a question that many people are asking. They are aware of many people throughout their lives who want to connect with God. But they also know that most of them will never darken the door of a church. Not because of the local church but because it’s ‘not them’, it’s not what they do or they are not available during the churches opening hours.

Most people leading these, lay or clergy leaders have never done anything like this before. But they are discovering they can do. There are some simple principles to follow which experience has shown works in a huge range of situations. They are not huge experiments that need lots of resources. They are simply small groups of people, anywhere between four and forty who come together to connect with each other and God in a myriad of creative ways.