Can you or your spouse be able to get permanent residence in Singapore granted through marriage because one of you is already a citizen or permanent resident? Let us clear up any questions you may have regarding Singapore PR status approvals.

Many of you reading this blog are probably dating in some shape or form. Some of you probably want to date casually and are more interested in short term solutions like escorts or sugar babies. Some of you probably are dating with marriage in mind, and some of you may be dating a foreigner!

One of the key factors that underlies all other factors when it comes to ICA approving the SG PR application is actually the desire of the applicant to assimilate into and merge into Singapore’s culture and live here permanently. Therefore, whatever evidence the PR applicant can show that supports this will definitely be a positive factor in getting the PR status granted.

Therefore, there are various different ways, such as through picking up a permanent and stable job in Singapore, investing large sums of money into local businesses, or through a family relationship of sorts.

When it comes to family factors, it almost always only affects immediate family members. This means that even if all of your uncles and aunts are Singapore citizens, but the applicant’s immediate family members are not, that is not a strong potential indicator of success for permanent residency application. However, if your parents or spouse is already a citizen or permanent resident, it is significantly easier for the application to go through successfully.

However, after 2008 to 2009, the local ICA authorities have also gotten a lot stricter with the local immigration laws in SG, due to the fact that many people simply abused it, and the local existing citizens were truly unhappy with it.

In the past, many people provided marriage services which were really simply ways to help women from neighbouring countries become permanent residents of Singapore through marriage. Both parties get married, get the documents in order and sent them into ICA for approval. Once the status is granted, many of them get divorced, as they were simply providing a service.

Therefore, these days, the ICA is much smarter, and much more thorough. If you have a girlfriend, fiancé or spouse who wants to become a resident in Singapore, show the ICA immigration officers the proof of your relationship together dating back for at least multiple years, and potentially many photographs of your experiences in Singapore together. This is to demonstrate that both of you are a genuine couple, and not trying to do some legal loophole like the above. If you can truly do so, the chances of your girl getting approved is actually quite high! This is because marriage is a strong factor, and ICA views that as a strong sign that the applicant wishes to settle down in the country for good.

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