Are Dating Agencies & Matchmakers Still Useful In Modern Singapore?

In modern day Singapore, it can sometimes feel as though a dating agency or a matchmaker is not as effective anymore, however, that is not true!

For men and women who are serious about marriage, it is effective

When it comes to the men who are looking to settle down, get married and start a family, a dating agency in Singapore can be your best dating option.

Dating agencies and matchmakers can control the clients they bring in to make sure they are all relatively marriage minded

While there is never such a thing as a 100% guarantee, going through a dating agency in Singapore simply greatly increases the chances that the girls you meet are also more mature, and ready for marriage. If you want a casual relationship, then sticking to mobile applications is probably the better option for you still.

For the time crunched, matchmaking services in Singapore are useful

Many Singaporeans are professionals, and are very busy with their careers. As a direct result of this, their free time available for mingling, typical dating and social activities significantly drop.

However, with a good dating agency, they will be able to shortlist potential dates for you. They will also be able to arrange the details of the date for you. All you need to do is to turn up. Therefore, dating agencies are pretty suitable for busy professionals in Singapore.

It is also no surprise that the largest customer base of dating agencies in Singapore are white collared professionals.

For those who are outside of the typical age range preferred in dating apps or pick up scene, dating agencies can be useful

There are some gentlemen who may be older than the typical age range which women usually pick in dating apps.

For these gentlemen, getting a match on mobile dating applications is virtually impossible. You will need to resort to different methods to get a girl in SG. This is because most typical girls in Singapore only set their age preference to within 5 or 6 years of their age. This means if you are 10 or more years older than the girl you want, she will never be able to even see your profile on dating applications!

For these type of Singaporean guys, a dating agency will be suited for you.

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