How To Make Sure That An Escort Looks Like Her Photos Before Meeting

Singapore escort girl

Here are some tips to help you ensure the SG escort you want to meet will turn up looking exactly like her images.

For the first timer to Singapore, or those frustrated by escorts using fake photographs, here are some tips. Make sure to read them so you know how to ensure the escort you want to meet will look like her images.

Try to stick to registered escort agencies in Singapore

While not always the case, sticking to an escort agency is usually a safer choice. Most escort agency websites do vet their girls and photographs before using on their website. However, there are some further tips which you want to use as there are still scams.

Make sure that the agency is legally registered with the government.

There are various ways to check this. Most escort agencies which are registered will proudly list their company registration number or full legal name on their website. Simply tally that against the government website bizfile and you will be able to figure out if they are legally registered. But this step alone is insufficient. So read on.

Reverse Google image search the photographs they use.

If you are on your laptop, simply right click on the images on these agency websites and select the option ‘Search Google for image’. Simply browse through Google and see if there are any instances of these photos elsewhere. If they are using blatantly fake photographs, you can easily find it all over the Internet. However, once again, this step alone is still insufficient.

Third of all, use some common sense.

In a conservative country like Singapore, if the girls’ images are fully uncensored, you can safely assume it is a fake photograph. Genuine Singaporean escort girls do not use full uncensored facial images, like this article explains why.

Next of all, only stick to reputable and larger escort agencies.

If all you can find about a particular social escort agency is on their own website and their clear advertisements, then be very wary. Are there instances of the news or media mentioning them? Are there other websites talking about them? If there is none, run!

Last but not least, most social escort agencies which use real photos usually provide a 100% guarantee that the girls look like the pictures, or it is free for you.

If they do not state this basic guarantee, chances it is a fake image! RUN!

While doing the above 4 steps is not a 100% guarantee that your chosen escort will turn up looking like her images, it sharply increases the possibility.

Once you find a good Singapore escort agency, try to stick to it… Trust me, it’s not fun going through lying agents!

Steer clear of independents

Generally speaking, many independents use fake photographs. These photographs are often simply stolen from Google images.

However, there are still instances of independent or freelance girls who use genuine images of themselves. To find these, you will usually need to make sure that the social escort has her own website. Usually, an escort who goes to the trouble of creating a website, hosting it, and then market herself online usually uses only real photographs. The type of freelancers I mentioned above which you should avoid like the plague are those who simply post on classified ad places such as Skokka or Locanto, and only have a number listed there. They do not have their own websites.


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