What Is The Best Way To Find The Best Escorts In Singapore?


So if you have just landed in Singapore, or are intending to travel to Singapore, here are some tips to help you find the best escorts in Singapore!

In Singapore, there are a few options for you when it comes to looking for social escorts. You could either go look for social escorts through escort agencies or look for independents. Some locals call independents freelance girls as well.

Nonetheless, here are some of the best dating tips for you to search for the best social escorts in SG!

Hot Asian girl
Hot Asian girl

Agency Social Escorts

There are good and bad points about looking for agency social escorts.

First of all, there is consolidation of social escorts and there is some form of quality control by the middle man already – the agent or the agency. This means that if the agency is reputable, registered and has good recommendations, most of the social escorts from that agency can be booked safely without worrying if they look bad or use fake photos. On the other hand, this means that if an agency is unethical and uses fake photos or is unable to hire good looking social escorts, then going the agency route is a bad idea.

Second of all, some agencies have already gone bust or are simply non operational yet.

A quick tip – stick only to the larger social escort agencies in Singapore for a better experience.

So how do you look for these escort agencies in Singapore?


One of the best places to search for literally anything, Google is also a perfect starting point for you to start looking for Singapore escorts.

A simple search for Singapore social escorts will yield quite a number of results, though usually those on the first page is sufficient when it comes to Singapore.

All reputable agencies will have their registration number or company name which can be verified against the local government’s records up. I strongly recommend that you stick to any such agencies, so that you have a legal means to chase for your money back if it turns out to be a scam. Additionally, if a company goes through the trouble of legally registering a company, you are also more assured of their operations and chances of nonsense happening is lower.

Search directories

Alternatively, you could search for Singapore escort agencies through directories.

There are many escort directories in Singapore, and most of them feature both independents and agencies. Just a quick Google for such directories will also show you lots of results. From within those directories, you could contact them. A downfall to this method is that many listings can be outdated. Some of the agencies listed are already non operational.

Googling is usually a better way.


While there exists independent local Singaporean social escorts, independent escorts in Singapore are usually from countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines.

Here is a quick tip for you! Independents from Singapore are usually far more expensive than those from neighboring countries. So if you see one girl claiming to be a real Singaporean, but charging similar prices to foreigners, then it is probably a fake ad!


One of the larger classified ads site in Singapore, Locanto also has a personals section. While filled with lots of spam, there are some legitimate ads in there which uses actual photos. While not your best option, there are not many options in Singapore for independent escorts. Comparatively, while Locanto has fewer personal ads than Skokka as listed below, it has slightly fewer listings with fake photos. However, do note that many pictures on Locanto are completely fake and taken straight from the Internet. Do your own due diligence before booking any independent escorts in Singapore!


Skokka has become one of the world’s largest, and Singapore’s largest independent escort ads site. This is especially the case after Craigslist killed off its Personals section and Backpage got shut down.

Skokka milked on this opportunity and has grown to be one of the largest freelance escort websites in Singapore. If you want quantity and freshness of updates, Skokka is definitely the way to go. The main downfall with Skokka? As mentioned above, most listings are using fake images!

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