Can You Get A Singapore Permanent Residency Through Marriage?

Can you or your spouse be able to get permanent residence in Singapore granted through marriage because one of you is already a citizen or permanent resident? Let us clear up any questions you may have regarding Singapore PR status approvals.

Many of you reading this blog are probably dating in some shape or form. Some of you probably want to date casually and are more interested in short term solutions like escorts or sugar babies. Some of you probably are dating with marriage in mind, and some of you may be dating a foreigner!

One of the key factors that underlies all other factors when it comes to ICA approving the SG PR application is actually the desire of the applicant to assimilate into and merge into Singapore’s culture and live here permanently. Therefore, whatever evidence the PR applicant can show that supports this will definitely be a positive factor in getting the PR status granted.

Therefore, there are various different ways, such as through picking up a permanent and stable job in Singapore, investing large sums of money into local businesses, or through a family relationship of sorts.

When it comes to family factors, it almost always only affects immediate family members. This means that even if all of your uncles and aunts are Singapore citizens, but the applicant’s immediate family members are not, that is not a strong potential indicator of success for permanent residency application. However, if your parents or spouse is already a citizen or permanent resident, it is significantly easier for the application to go through successfully.

However, after 2008 to 2009, the local ICA authorities have also gotten a lot stricter with the local immigration laws in SG, due to the fact that many people simply abused it, and the local existing citizens were truly unhappy with it.

In the past, many people provided marriage services which were really simply ways to help women from neighbouring countries become permanent residents of Singapore through marriage. Both parties get married, get the documents in order and sent them into ICA for approval. Once the status is granted, many of them get divorced, as they were simply providing a service.

Therefore, these days, the ICA is much smarter, and much more thorough. If you have a girlfriend, fiancé or spouse who wants to become a resident in Singapore, show the ICA immigration officers the proof of your relationship together dating back for at least multiple years, and potentially many photographs of your experiences in Singapore together. This is to demonstrate that both of you are a genuine couple, and not trying to do some legal loophole like the above. If you can truly do so, the chances of your girl getting approved is actually quite high! This is because marriage is a strong factor, and ICA views that as a strong sign that the applicant wishes to settle down in the country for good.

Are Dating Agencies & Matchmakers Still Useful In Modern Singapore?

In modern day Singapore, it can sometimes feel as though a dating agency or a matchmaker is not as effective anymore, however, that is not true!

For men and women who are serious about marriage, it is effective

When it comes to the men who are looking to settle down, get married and start a family, a dating agency in Singapore can be your best dating option.

Dating agencies and matchmakers can control the clients they bring in to make sure they are all relatively marriage minded

While there is never such a thing as a 100% guarantee, going through a dating agency in Singapore simply greatly increases the chances that the girls you meet are also more mature, and ready for marriage. If you want a casual relationship, then sticking to mobile applications is probably the better option for you still.

For the time crunched, matchmaking services in Singapore are useful

Many Singaporeans are professionals, and are very busy with their careers. As a direct result of this, their free time available for mingling, typical dating and social activities significantly drop.

However, with a good dating agency, they will be able to shortlist potential dates for you. They will also be able to arrange the details of the date for you. All you need to do is to turn up. Therefore, dating agencies are pretty suitable for busy professionals in Singapore.

It is also no surprise that the largest customer base of dating agencies in Singapore are white collared professionals.

For those who are outside of the typical age range preferred in dating apps or pick up scene, dating agencies can be useful

There are some gentlemen who may be older than the typical age range which women usually pick in dating apps.

For these gentlemen, getting a match on mobile dating applications is virtually impossible. You will need to resort to different methods to get a girl in SG. This is because most typical girls in Singapore only set their age preference to within 5 or 6 years of their age. This means if you are 10 or more years older than the girl you want, she will never be able to even see your profile on dating applications!

For these type of Singaporean guys, a dating agency will be suited for you.

Why Dating A SG Escort Can Help You Get A Girlfriend In Singapore

If you are in your late 20s or 30s, and have not had a girlfriend before and want to get one, you can hire an escort here. By hiring a social escort in Singapore, it can help you get a girlfriend in Singapore in an indirect way! Let me explain more.

Dating a social escort with girlfriend experience (GFE) can help you gain innate confidence

One of the biggest factors stopping Singaporean men in their late 20s or 30s who have never dated seriously before from getting a girlfriend is confidence. Since you never had a girlfriend before, you do not have experience. Since you never had dating experience in Singapore, you are unable to build up that innate confidence. How do you gain that confidence if you are unable to even have the confidence to date? The trick is to buy your way into it.

Singapore social escorts with the girlfriend experience are basically paid female companions who are great at making you believe that they are your actual girlfriend. It is basically the experience of having a girlfriend for that engaged period of time, without actually having one. Imagine having a beautiful SG girl fawning on your every word and loving you. That is what a GFE escort can do for you. Of course, this means that you need to get an escort with a high level of girlfriend experience.

By meeting such an escort once or a few times, you will be able to believe that a beautiful girl can indeed fall in love with you! Once you have ingrained this thought into your mind, picking up girls on the streets, or really, anywhere else is easy. The goal of meeting a GFE escort is to make your mind believe this.

Dating an escort can help you break certain limiting beliefs

Second of all, by dating a social escort, you may be able to break certain limiting beliefs. If you are in your late 20s or 30s, and really never had a girlfriend before, you may start thinking that younger girls do not want to meet older guys like you. However, girls who work as social escorts or sugar babies usually prefer slightly older men. Similar to the first reason above, dating escorts can help you break this silly limiting belief. You will be able to believe in that much younger girls can truly like you! Of course, we are still talking about legal age girls.


If you think that you are having big problems getting a girlfriend in Singapore, then use the above tip! You may be able to gain the confidence required just by dating a social escort a few times! Or perhaps, you may even become a fan of dating escorts, and do that instead permanently! Either way, happiness is achieved.

How To Make Sure That An Escort Looks Like Her Photos Before Meeting

Here are some tips to help you ensure the SG escort you want to meet will turn up looking exactly like her images.

For the first timer to Singapore, or those frustrated by escorts using fake photographs, here are some tips. Make sure to read them so you know how to ensure the escort you want to meet will look like her images.

Try to stick to registered escort agencies in Singapore

While not always the case, sticking to an escort agency is usually a safer choice. Most escort agency websites do vet their girls and photographs before using on their website. However, there are some further tips which you want to use as there are still scams.

Make sure that the agency is legally registered with the government.

There are various ways to check this. Most escort agencies which are registered will proudly list their company registration number or full legal name on their website. Simply tally that against the government website bizfile and you will be able to figure out if they are legally registered. But this step alone is insufficient. So read on.

Reverse Google image search the photographs they use.

If you are on your laptop, simply right click on the images on these agency websites and select the option ‘Search Google for image’. Simply browse through Google and see if there are any instances of these photos elsewhere. If they are using blatantly fake photographs, you can easily find it all over the Internet. However, once again, this step alone is still insufficient.

Third of all, use some common sense.

In a conservative country like Singapore, if the girls’ images are fully uncensored, you can safely assume it is a fake photograph. Genuine Singaporean escort girls do not use full uncensored facial images, like this article explains why.

Next of all, only stick to reputable and larger escort agencies.

If all you can find about a particular social escort agency is on their own website and their clear advertisements, then be very wary. Are there instances of the news or media mentioning them? Are there other websites talking about them? If there is none, run!

Last but not least, most social escort agencies which use real photos usually provide a 100% guarantee that the girls look like the pictures, or it is free for you.

If they do not state this basic guarantee, chances it is a fake image! RUN!

While doing the above 4 steps is not a 100% guarantee that your chosen escort will turn up looking like her images, it sharply increases the possibility.

Once you find a good Singapore escort agency, try to stick to it… Trust me, it’s not fun going through lying agents!

Steer clear of independents

Generally speaking, many independents use fake photographs. These photographs are often simply stolen from Google images.

However, there are still instances of independent or freelance girls who use genuine images of themselves. To find these, you will usually need to make sure that the social escort has her own website. Usually, an escort who goes to the trouble of creating a website, hosting it, and then market herself online usually uses only real photographs. The type of freelancers I mentioned above which you should avoid like the plague are those who simply post on classified ad places such as Skokka or Locanto, and only have a number listed there. They do not have their own websites.

What Is The Best Way To Find The Best Escorts In Singapore?


So if you have just landed in Singapore, or are intending to travel to Singapore, here are some tips to help you find the best escorts in Singapore!

In Singapore, there are a few options for you when it comes to looking for social escorts. You could either go look for social escorts through escort agencies or look for independents. Some locals call independents freelance girls as well.

Nonetheless, here are some of the best dating tips for you to search for the best social escorts in SG!

Hot Asian girl
Hot Asian girl

Agency Social Escorts

There are good and bad points about looking for agency social escorts.

First of all, there is consolidation of social escorts and there is some form of quality control by the middle man already – the agent or the agency. This means that if the agency is reputable, registered and has good recommendations, most of the social escorts from that agency can be booked safely without worrying if they look bad or use fake photos. On the other hand, this means that if an agency is unethical and uses fake photos or is unable to hire good looking social escorts, then going the agency route is a bad idea.

Second of all, some agencies have already gone bust or are simply non operational yet.

A quick tip – stick only to the larger social escort agencies in Singapore for a better experience.

So how do you look for these escort agencies in Singapore?


One of the best places to search for literally anything, Google is also a perfect starting point for you to start looking for Singapore escorts.

A simple search for Singapore social escorts will yield quite a number of results, though usually those on the first page is sufficient when it comes to Singapore.

All reputable agencies will have their registration number or company name which can be verified against the local government’s records up. I strongly recommend that you stick to any such agencies, so that you have a legal means to chase for your money back if it turns out to be a scam. Additionally, if a company goes through the trouble of legally registering a company, you are also more assured of their operations and chances of nonsense happening is lower.

Search directories

Alternatively, you could search for Singapore escort agencies through directories.

There are many escort directories in Singapore, and most of them feature both independents and agencies. Just a quick Google for such directories will also show you lots of results. From within those directories, you could contact them. A downfall to this method is that many listings can be outdated. Some of the agencies listed are already non operational.

Googling is usually a better way.


While there exists independent local Singaporean social escorts, independent escorts in Singapore are usually from countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines.

Here is a quick tip for you! Independents from Singapore are usually far more expensive than those from neighboring countries. So if you see one girl claiming to be a real Singaporean, but charging similar prices to foreigners, then it is probably a fake ad!


One of the larger classified ads site in Singapore, Locanto also has a personals section. While filled with lots of spam, there are some legitimate ads in there which uses actual photos. While not your best option, there are not many options in Singapore for independent escorts. Comparatively, while Locanto has fewer personal ads than Skokka as listed below, it has slightly fewer listings with fake photos. However, do note that many pictures on Locanto are completely fake and taken straight from the Internet. Do your own due diligence before booking any independent escorts in Singapore!


Skokka has become one of the world’s largest, and Singapore’s largest independent escort ads site. This is especially the case after Craigslist killed off its Personals section and Backpage got shut down.

Skokka milked on this opportunity and has grown to be one of the largest freelance escort websites in Singapore. If you want quantity and freshness of updates, Skokka is definitely the way to go. The main downfall with Skokka? As mentioned above, most listings are using fake images!